Rapid Prototyping: Stay One Step Ahead in Your Innovation Journey in Product Development!

At ARI MODEL, we utilize rapid prototyping technologies to advance your product designs. When design verification and mold making aren't feasible, we provide the most suitable solutions for part manufacturing. We highlight potential improvement processes by testing prototype production before transitioning into industrial stages for your product's development.

Taking your costs into consideration, we support you even in situations where the annual volume doesn't match your needs, offering part manufacturing services. At ARI MODEL, we stand by your side at every stage of your product development process. Alongside providing rapid prototyping services for your existing designs, we offer tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Using various prototyping technologies such as FDM, Polyjet, SLA, and SLS, we deliver the best possible solution. Additionally, we offer the possibility of producing pre-series parts with silicone mold making and manufacturing with the materials of your choice.

FDM technology produces parts with high strength using ABS raw material-based filaments, while Polyjet technology produces detailed parts with high surface quality and precision. SLA technology produces parts with high elasticity and impact resistance, while SLS technology is ideal for parts with low strength.

Parts obtained through silicone mold technology have mechanical properties closest to those obtained from serial production molds. We visually complete your important products with finishing and painting services after prototyping.

At ARI MODEL, we're here to provide you with the most suitable solutions for your product development process. Contact us to turn your ideal product into reality with our cutting-edge technology and expert team!