Championship Trophy

Beşiktaş JK Championship Trophy Models: A Tale of Passion

The championship trophy models of Beşiktaş JK, which immortalize the victories of the club, are not just objects but also a source of memories and passion. We are proud to announce that this special series was produced in a total of 1903 units. In this blog post, let's take a look at the creation process of these trophy models and the story behind them.

Design and Production Process The design and production of this special series required meticulous work. Each championship trophy was manufactured using specially modeled plastic injection molds that respected the history of Beşiktaş JK. The production process spanned a total of 6 months, from initial conception to final delivery. At every step, special attention was paid to quality and details.

Chrome Plating: Aesthetic and Elegance Chrome plating was used to achieve the desired appearance of the trophies. This ensured that the trophies had a high-quality and glossy look. Chrome plating also increased durability and ensured the longevity of the trophies. Each trophy was designed to be visually striking with attention-grabbing details.

Special Serial Numbers: The Uniqueness of Each Trophy Each championship trophy model was equipped with a unique serial number. These numbers were used to emphasize the uniqueness of each trophy. For Beşiktaş JK fans, these numbers added extra value to the trophies, making them even more special.

Specially Designed Boxes: Flawless Presentation When handed over to customers, each trophy was presented in specially designed boxes. These boxes not only protected the trophies but also allowed for an elegant presentation. Every detail of these boxes was carefully thought out to make the moment when the trophies reached their recipients special and unforgettable.

ARI MODEL: Leader in Professional Production At ARI MODEL, we provide professional serial production services worldwide. The championship trophy models we produced for Beşiktaş JK were designed and manufactured in accordance with the highest standards of quality, authenticity, and aesthetics. Each trophy reflects the club's commitment and passion for victory.

Conclusion The championship trophy models specially designed for Beşiktaş JK are a way to celebrate and remember a club's victories. Each model in this special series is the product of work, passion, and dedication.




Year: 2023
Project Name: Championship Trophy
Location: TURKEY

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