Entrust ARI MODEL With the Transportation of Your Architectural Models: A Hassle-Free Experience

In the world of architectural design, the intricate details of models are a crucial part of client presentations and project planning. However, these models are often fragile and require specialized care for transportation and handling. At ARI MODEL, we prioritize not just the creation but also the safe delivery of your ordered architectural models.

Focused Project Monitoring

We keep a meticulous eye on the progress of our projects. Whether your model needs to be transported across town or internationally, you can take advantage of our no-obligation transportation service. ARI MODEL ensures the secure and timely delivery of your model to its desired location.

Dismantling for Easy Transport

Our team at ARI MODEL carefully disassembles the model to facilitate both the transportation process and accessibility to various locations. To make the reassembly straightforward, we provide a detailed, individualized instruction guide.

Prioritizing Durability

We understand that the transportation of a model carries inherent risks, including potential damage. When you entrust ARI MODEL with transportation, rest assured that your model is covered by our own specialized insurance procedures.

Customized Flight Cases for Smaller Models

If you have a smaller model that you wish to transport yourself, we offer a special amenity: fully customized flight cases. This option ensures that your model survives the journey unaffected by bumps, jolts, or other hazards, and arrives at its destination in pristine condition.

Choose ARI MODEL for the end-to-end service that includes not only the crafting but also the secure transportation of your architectural models. Your peace of mind is part of our commitment to excellence.