Model of Environment and City

"From Detailed Model to Urban Planning: An Impressive Project by ARİ Model"

At ARİ Model, we meticulously developed an impressive project that represents a model for urban planning and the environment. With meticulous attention to detail, this 1:500 scale model was created through a rigorous 45-day construction process.

A unique aspect of this model is the consideration of the central Lojman area, currently undergoing restoration. As a result, the terrain has been modeled to stand out from the surrounding surface, depicting the future changes the area will undergo.

The model employs a modular design, providing a significant advantage for transporting large models. It can be easily divided into two parts, particularly advantageous for projects that cover extensive areas.

Furthermore, all buildings on the site have been meticulously modeled by our team of professionals in terms of structure and location. This ensures that the model faithfully reflects reality, offering investors and developers a more precise glimpse of the finished project.

Year: 2020
Company: Model of Environment and City
Project Name: Model of Environment and City
Location: GERMANY

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