Yorglass Industrial Facility Models: A Gem of Commerce

 Industrial facility models are essential tools that visually represent the existence and complex functioning of a company. Yorglass plays a pioneering role in this field by offering scale models of its industrial facilities, thus providing a unique experience. Particularly known for its activities in commercial procurement and manufacturing of commercial refrigerated appliances, Yorglass stands out with its 1/300 scale industrial facility models. These models provide visitors with an impressive experience by visually describing the company's activities, location, and scope of its facilities.

Yorglass and Industrial Facility Models: Yorglass is a globally recognized company in the fields of commercial procurement and manufacturing of commercial refrigerated appliances. Its activities cover a vast geographical area, including six plants located in various cities and an administrative headquarters. Understanding this wide scope and complex structure can often be challenging. However, Yorglass' industrial facility models simplify this complexity and concretely present the company's activities to visitors.

Collaboration with ARI MODEL: Yorglass' industrial facility models were specially manufactured by ARI MODEL, a company specialized in producing scale models of industrial facilities. This model, which combines all of Yorglass' plants and its administrative headquarters on a single map, was designed with the expertise and precision of ARI MODEL. Every detail was carefully worked on and accurately dimensioned to provide visitors with a realistic insight.

Installation and Presentation of the Model: A team of four people from ARI MODEL installed the model in Yorglass' administrative office. A special space was set up to place and exhibit the model to visitors. Thus, this impressive model, encompassing all of Yorglass' facilities, offered visitors a better understanding of the company's activities.

Importance of Industrial Facility Models: Industrial facility models are important tools for understanding a company's complete activities. Especially for large complex companies, these models facilitate understanding the internal structure and activities of the company. Yorglass' industrial facility models are an excellent example of how they can be used to explain the company's activities and offer a memorable experience to visitors.

Yorglass' industrial facility models impressively illustrate the scope of activities and geographical distribution of the company. Manufactured with the expertise and precision of ARI MODEL, these models are a perfect tool for understanding the company's activities and offering a concrete vision to visitors. They highlight Yorglass' leading position in the fields of commercial procurement and manufacturing of appliances, thus providing an unforgettable experience to visitors.


Year: 2024
Project Name: YORGLASS
Location: FRANCE

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