Polin WaterParks: Production of a Model of a Water Park in Orlando

Polin WaterParks has become one of Orlando's flagship attractions, offering visitors a unique water entertainment experience. To promote this exciting facility, ARI MODEL was tasked with creating a realistic 1/87 scale model.

This water park draws attention with its various themed areas. It houses colorful water slides, a mysterious aquarium with ocean fish, adrenaline-filled action zones, and natural pools, thus offering a variety of concepts. We worked to reflect this diversity and playful atmosphere in the model, ensuring to capture every detail.

The production of the model was carefully carried out by our experienced team. Every detail and complex piece were meticulously modeled and colored. The end result is a faithful representation of the actual park.

We successfully produced and delivered the model of Polin WaterParks in Orlando. Throughout this process, we offered a quality and customer satisfaction-focused service, striving to meet or exceed our clients' expectations.

In conclusion, the model ofPolin WaterParks is a true work of art, created with the expertise and dedication of ARI MODEL. It translates the exciting and entertaining atmosphere of the water park, offering visitors an immersive visual experience. This unique destination guarantees unforgettable memories for all who visit.


Year: 2024
Company: Polin WaterParks
Project Name: Waterpark
Location: U.S.A

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