Verkor's GigaFactory

Verkor's GigaFactory: The Future Solution for Energy Storage

ARI MODEL is proud to present the factory model project that we have specifically designed for the company Verkor. This project has become a symbol of collaboration and excellence, implemented with attention to every detail.

A History of Innovation: Verkor's Gigafactory

Verkor's Gigafactory has emerged from a revolutionary innovation in the field of energy storage. This factory has a production capacity of 16 GWh of lithium-ion batteries per year, thus meeting Europe's needs. This represents a significant advancement in the fields of electric mobility and energy storage.

ARI MODEL and Verkor: The Success of Collaboration

At ARI MODEL we take pride in supporting the vision and projects of Verkor. This special 1:200 scale model reflects in detail the processes, facilities, and innovations of Verkor.

As ARI MODEL, we are proud to be part of this special project developed for Verkor. This special model, which required 4 weeks of production, reflects the excellence and vision of Verkor. We are delighted to be part of this collaboration aimed at providing solutions for future energy and mobility needs.

Year: 2023
Company: VERKOR
Project Name: Verkor's GigaFactory
Location: FRANCE

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