The Importance of Properly Storing Architectural Models: The Final Crucial Step

Architectural models are often crafted from a complex blend of materials. The amalgamation of diverse materials such as paper, foam board, wood, cork, plastics, plaster, metal, adhesive, and other raw materials speeds up the rate of deterioration. Various techniques are also applied to treat these materials (patina, painting, engraving, milling, etc.), making the storage of such models a challenging task. Achieving ideal storage conditions that suit all these materials is almost impossible.

One popular solution for preserving architectural models is to encase them in Plexiglas. Longevity is a crucial factor that should be considered, and opting for a Plexiglas dome can offer optimal protection, keeping the model dust-free.

Here are some additional steps that can be taken to ensure the best possible storage conditions for your architectural models:

1. Prefer Horizontal Storage

Place models preferably on a horizontal surface, elevated at least ten centimeters off the ground. This not only facilitates cleaning but also ensures that models do not get submerged immediately in the event of flooding.

2. Protect from Direct Light

Store models in a location not exposed to direct light and sunlight. A simple solution is to place the models on shelves and drape a light cotton cloth over them.

3. Minimal Handling

Minimize direct handling of the models as much as possible. This can be avoided by storing the models on a pedestal from which they can be managed.

4. Clear Labeling

The boxes or cartons that potentially store the models should be clearly labeled, for instance, with a photo of the model and the name or code of the project. This ensures that the boxes don't have to be opened every time one needs to check which model is stored inside.

In conclusion, the preservation of architectural models is an important but often overlooked aspect of architectural project management. By following these best practices, you can ensure that your models will stand the test of time.