The Revolutionary Syringe Model by Vivacy Paris: A Phenomenon at the IMCAS 2024 Fair

The IMCAS 2024 Fair brings together professionals in aesthetic and anti-aging medicine to showcase the latest innovations and technologies in the industry. One of the most notable projects of this year was the large syringe model by Vivacy Paris. This impressive project, 50 times larger than the normal size, measuring 180 cm in length, became a true phenomenon at the fairground.

Manufacturing Process: ARI MODEL used specially designed molds for the manufacture of the large syringe model. Every detail was carefully examined in this process to create a perfect syringe model. The model pieces, made from epoxy, were carefully packed in a special protective box to prevent damage during transportation. This ensured a long lifespan and safe handling of the model.

Fair Presentation: The large syringe model captured the attention of IMCAS Fair visitors and generated significant interest. The impressive size and impeccable details of the model made it a phenomenon in the industry. Additionally, it highlighted Vivacy Paris' leadership in the field of aesthetic medicine and its innovative approaches. Throughout the fair, important discussions took place about the company's products and the future of aesthetic medicine.

 The large syringe model by Vivacy Paris, presented at the IMCAS 2024 Fair, illustrates the innovations in the field of aesthetic medicine and the company's leading position. The dedicated work of ARI MODEL and the excellent manufacturing process have led the model to achieve great success at the fairground and increase the visibility of Vivacy Paris. This impressive work is a revolution in the field of aesthetic medicine and will continue to inspire future medical applications.

Year: 2024
Company: Vivacy Paris
Project Name: stylage
Location: FRANCE

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