Refrigerator Production Factory

A miniature model showcases the refrigerator production process at one of the leading household appliance manufacturers. This 1:100 scale model, crafted by ARI MODEL, provides a precise and detailed representation of the refrigerator production facility.

The refrigerator production facility model depicts every step of the production line. It intricately details the entire process, starting from the material supply into the factory to the assembly, final inspection stage, and packaging of the finished product for shipping.

The model enables visitors and clients to better comprehend the production process. It also serves as a tool to showcase the company's industrial production potential, technological capabilities, and the efficiency of its production line. Each machine and production station is positioned to reflect its function and real-world location.

The refrigerator production facility model can be presented during factory tours or utilized for educational purposes. It can also be regarded as a piece of art representing the scope and complexity of the refrigerator production process and the factory facility.

This model, produced by ARI MODEL, exemplifies the company's commitment to production processes and quality control. It also symbolizes the company's industry leadership and innovation.

Year: 2015
Company: ARCELIK
Project Name: Refrigerator Production Factory

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