IDEALEX Radioprotection: Meeting with Visitors at WNE 2023 

The WNE - World Nuclear Exhibition 2023, one of the largest events in the global nuclear industry, took place in a dazzling manner once again this year. Undoubtedly, one of the most captivating aspects of this edition was the exceptional presentation by IDEALEX Radioprotection, which highlighted its radioprotection products through an impressive model.

IDEALEX Radioprotection is a recognized leader in the radioprotection industry. For the WNE exhibition, they specially designed model components that allowed visitors to closely examine their products.

These impressive model components enabled visitors to control each group of radioprotection products from a control panel, while visually and audibly explaining how these products operate.

IDEALEX Radioprotection carefully designed these impressive model components, paying special attention to each group of radioprotection products. The creation of these model components required 30 days of intensive work with the contribution of 4 employees. The model components were displayed on an elegant MDF table, proudly featuring the IDEALEX corporate logo, at the exhibition site in Paris.

ARI MODEL is proud to have been part of this project in collaboration with IDEALEX Radioprotection.

The model components presented by IDEALEX Radioprotection at the WNE 2023 exhibition brilliantly highlighted the quality and innovation of their radioprotection products. The company continues to play a leading role in the safety and protection of the nuclear industry. Don't miss the opportunity to get a closer look at IDEALEX Radioprotection's products and stay updated on the latest advancements in this field by visiting them.

Year: 2023
Company: IDEALEX
Project Name: Radioprotection
Location: FRANCE

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