DAP Wooden Model

When Natural Beauty Meets French Architecture in Istanbul

An extraordinary project has emerged for admirers of Istanbul's natural beauty and unique architectural designs. This iconic project is located in the Polenezköy region of Istanbul and was designed by French architect Julie Gullion. What sets it apart the most is its exceptional architectural design seamlessly integrated into Istanbul's natural landscape.

This fascinating work was crafted in the form of a 1:100 scale model made of wood and captured the attention of all visitors. The model was exhibited at the 2023 MIPIM fair in Cannes, garnering significant interest and praise. The creation of the model was entrusted to the professional team at ARI MODEL, who completed it in 50 days, ensuring that every detail of wood craftsmanship's intricacies and nuances was faithfully reflected.

This model presents a unique design that harmoniously combines lush nature with the natural tones of wood. The presentation of architectural models in wood follows a gentle approach that does not strain the eyes while highlighting architectural details.

This magnificent project in Istanbul adds a special touch to the city by uniting the beauty of nature with modern design. Julie Gullion's creative vision seems to have come to life through this remarkable project.

If you're considering visiting Polenezköy to learn more about this extraordinary project and see this wonderful model, you may be in for an unforgettable experience. Plan your trip to discover this fantastic fusion of nature and architecture in Istanbul - an opportunity you shouldn't miss.

Year: 2023
Company: DAP
Project Name: DAP Wooden Model
Location: FRANCE

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