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Simulation of Airbus Helicopter Wings Production: In-Depth Examination

Simulation of Airbus Helicopter Wings Production

The production of Airbus helicopter wings is one of the most fascinating processes in the industry. In this article, we will delve into this process in detail through a specially designed and manufactured simulation model for Airbus. The production process has been developed and implemented entirely based on visual designs, without relying on any files. This special model has been carefully prepared using 3D modeling techniques at a scale of 1/72 to showcase step-by-step production of helicopter blades.

Introduction to the Production Process of Helicopter Blades

The production of Airbus helicopter wings is a process that demands precision and high technology. When presented through a simulation model, this process highlights a perfect blend of engineering and design. The model was carefully crafted by our experienced team of engineers in the ARI model workshop in France. The production duration was 35 days, during which each piece was worked on in detail down to the smallest detail.

3D Modeling and Scaling

This simulation, carried out at a scale of 1/72, allows each piece to be produced as an accurate reduction of reality. 3D modeling enables precise design of each wing and rotor. This process requires each detail of the model to be carefully modeled to reflect the complex structures of a real Airbus helicopter rotor.

Visualization of Production Steps

The simulation model enables a visual understanding of the production steps. Each piece is designed to faithfully reflect reality. This makes it an important tool not only in engineering but also for educational and demonstration purposes.

Special Design Elements

The base of the model is mounted on a specially designed curved table base. Additionally, a curved Plexiglas protective panel is used to shield the model. This design emphasizes the aesthetics and functionality unique to Airbus and ensures the longevity of the model.


The simulation of Airbus helicopter wings production is an impressive work that showcases how closely engineering and design are intertwined in the aerospace industry. This model, meticulously designed down to the smallest detail, is both informative and inspiring. Further details about this project can be found in the images below.

Year: 2024
Company: AIRBUS
Project Name: Airbus Helicopters
Location: FRANCE

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