This meticulously crafted architectural model at a 1:100 scale provides a detailed example of one of the leading projects in Bucharest, the "Address" project. This impressive model encompasses the five blocks and ground-floor shopping center planned within the project.

The Project Address has been meticulously designed and executed in an architectural scale, utilizing materials like plexiglass, resin, and wood to offer an incredibly lifelike representation. Each block is presented in a manner that highlights the building's features from a wide perspective.

The architectural model plays a crucial role in accentuating the intricacies of this project, illustrating the position and significance of the Address project within Bucharest. The five distinct blocks and the ground-floor shopping center have been skillfully modeled within the maquette.

The construction of the model took a total of 45 days. During this time, a highly detailed outcome was achieved, with all aspects of the project considered and premium materials employed.

During the project's unveiling, the architectural model of the Address project garnered significant interest from investors and visitors alike. Viewers were impressed by the intricacies of the model, allowing them to envision precisely how the project will manifest in reality.

In summary, the architectural model of the Address project offers an impressive representation of a renowned project in Bucharest. This detailed maquette reflects the complexity and excellence of the project, providing viewers with an excellent opportunity to witness the remarkable features of Address firsthand.

Year: 2022
Company: ESASLI
Project Name: Address
Location: Romania

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