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Hours of Work


Architecture Model

Architecture Model

In the hyper-competitive landscape of real estate development and construction, Architecture Models Inc. offers top-notch architectural ......

Competition model

Competition model

In the multifaceted realm of model making, ARI MODEL stands as your dependable ally for crafting ......

Urban Planning Model

Urban Planning Model

In the intricate landscape of urban development, ARI MODEL emerges as your reliable partner for crafting ......

Wooden Architectural Model

Wooden Architectural Model

In the intricate world of architectural visualization, ARI MODEL sets a unique standard with its artisanal ......

Industrial Model

Industrial Model

In today’s highly competitive landscape of industrial design and product marketing, ARI MODEL stands as your ......

Prototype model

Prototype model

In the intricate journey of product and project development, prototype models are not just significant but ......

MODEL Present your projects impressively.

When a project is successfully presented, it is of great importance to highlight the core, potential, and vision of the project. This is where models come into play and assist you in representing your projects in an impressive manner.

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image-1 image-2

At ARI MODEL, we offer high-quality models that represent your projects to the best extent possible. With our focus on customer satisfaction and the success of your projects, we provide customized solutions for every type of project.

Our models bring your projects to life realistically. With our attention to detail, textures, colors, and light combinations, our models reflect your real projects in the best possible way. Thanks to our advanced technology equipment and expert team, we offer models with the highest level of accuracy and impress your audience by generating interest in your project.

"Trade Show Models: An Essential Tool for Exhibitions - Stand Out with Impressive and Professional Models!"

The model we created for the IFAT 2023 Transport Logistic Fair in Munich! We developed the interactive Cargo Beamer model project, which garnered significant interest during the event.



Manufacturing Process and Pricing:

We determine the production duration and pricing through a detailed analysis. Our goal is to provide you with a tailored offer and find the best solutions to fit your budget.



Drawing and Modeling Process:

Our experienced designers and model builders create precise drawings and 3D models that meet the requirements of your project. In this phase, the model is developed and shaped.


Assembly, Painting, and Design Process:

We assemble the model parts from various materials, giving them a high-quality paint finish and design. Every detail is carefully executed to achieve a realistic representation.


Delivery Process:

After the final quality control and packaging, your model will be securely delivered to the desired address. We place great emphasis on timely deliveries and ensure that your model arrives at your location in perfect condition.

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