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We are open to all possible forms of project promotion. We love to seek adventure and innovation, but we also dare to opt for a traditional, sometimes even conservative approach if we believe it will lead to a better result. In implementation, we use all imaginable contemporary forms of presentation. Always based on a pragmatic approach: simple if possible and extravagant if necessary, but always oriented towards the best result.

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ARI Model

Exceptional Model for the TRANSPORT LOGISTIC Fair in MUNICH!

We executed the interactive "Cargo Beamer" model project, which garnered significant interest at the logistics fair in Munich.




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How does the model production process work?

  • #01.

    Evaluation of Customer Needs: A detailed meeting is held to understand the customer's needs and define the project requirements.

  • #02.

    Design Phase: A design concept is created in collaboration with the customer, and the features, scales, and details of the model are determined.

  • #03.

    Material and Technique Selection: The materials and techniques for making the model are determined.

  • #04.

    Modeling and Manufacturing: After design approval, the modeling process begins, and model parts are manufactured.

  • #05.

    Assembly and Detailing: Parts are assembled, and details are added. Model parts are painted in the appropriate color, and necessary coatings are applied to achieve a realistic appearance.

  • #06.

    Lighting and Electrical System: Model lighting systems are installed, and the necessary electrical installation is provided.

  • #07.

    Quality Control and Revision: Finished models undergo quality control and are revised if necessary before being presented to the customer.

  • #08.

    Delivery and Installation: The model is delivered to the desired address by our team and installed.

  • #09.

    Customer Service: Information on model maintenance and usage is provided to the customer, and after-sales support is offered.

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